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Create Location-based Web Applications

Chapter 1: Mapping Basics

This is part of a series looking at all 10 chapters of Map Scripting 101.

The first chapter aims to get you started mapping quickly. It introduces a few concepts, like latitude/longitude, then gets right into creating maps and adding controls to them.

Among the most important projects in the entire book is my introduction of Mapstraction. I’ve written about Mapstraction quite a bit on this blog before, including one of the first posts. The open source library is the heart of almost every example in Map Scripting 101.

Mapstraction lets you write your code once and not worry much about changes to other providers. It helps provide an open interface to maps on the web, as I discussed in How Open Should Mapping APIs Be at Where 2.0 in 2009:

Like any good first chapter, Mapping Basics sets the foundation for the next nine chapters.

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